Simply stated, we are Project Managers who utilize our Comprehensive Planning Strategy to facilitate Land Use and Real Estate Entitlements. We coordinate with architects, civil and structural engineers, geotechnical services, environmental services, landscape designers and other project consultants from the inception of the project to help analyze, review, interpret and advise the client regarding use studies and design, applicable zoning and building code requirements and maximize the development potential of the property. Along with Project Management we also offer specialized services such as site evaluations, risk assessments, permitting services and bidding and award services to name a few.

We work directly with the owner and/or owner’s representative and with local jurisdictions to determine the development potential and combine that with a cost-to-complete analysis to determine the viability of the project. A strategic planning approach is applied that ensures that environmental, economic, social and cultural considerations are integrated with each unique project in a balanced and viable manner.

Bear in mind that the entitlement process is generally slow, frustrating and typically takes approximately 3 to 12 months or sometimes years depending on how demanding and complicated the project is. Part of the reason is that each city planner has different interpretations of their local zoning and building codes. Today, approvals more often than not involve overlapping jurisdictions such as city, county and state and these jurisdictions do not necessarily communicate well with each other. It is extremely crucial that the project manager has or establishes good working relationships with these planners to obtain project approvals. These relationships will streamline and aid in expediting the approval process. Our experienced team of project managers can negotiate issues for our clients and eliminate additional requests by the local jurisdiction to avoid further delays in obtaining project approvals.

At Incite, your project is our top priority and that means using a personalized approach and managing your project on a daily basis using our Comprehensive Planning Strategy. Incite is able to provide services ranging from initial strategic consultation on land planning and real estate development to long range comprehensive planning. We accomplish this first by gathering pertinent information from the owner and the local planning jurisdiction, analyze the information and create a defined scope of work, therefore working with the owner to devise smart solutions that deliver measurable results. Solutions that fuse vision, creativity and strategy that helps enhance communication and the entitlement performance.

Without an experienced Project Manager who can effectively synchronize the entitlement team, it is extremely difficult to navigate the regulatory process because the very nature of the regulatory process is so time consuming and complicated.

Description of Services

Entitlement Management

The entitlement process can be an extremely trying and time consuming ordeal. This is the one stage of a project in which you stand to lose or make the most of your investment. Incite can focus on entitlement management and political relationships without sacrificing critical components and tasks on other projects.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is an in-depth analysis of all aspects of a project under consideration or in progress to identify and implement cost savings and other economical advantages. The process also includes a constructability review, cost to complete estimate and review of costs spent to date. Incite will organize all activities and staff, consultants and contractors to work collaboratively to identify alternative solutions, including revisions to plans and expedited schedules without affecting overall quality of project.

Feasibility and Due Diligence for Real Estate Acquisitions

With proven methods and skills to rapidly perform feasibility studies and support acquisition decisions, Incite performs research, conducts meetings and handles other activities necessary to study a real estate project, provide information on entitlements, fees, budgets and schedules and produce a feasibility report.

Project Management

Incite can evaluate, and as needed, develop project plans; supply supervision; manage project activities, budgets and schedules; prepare bid packages, solicit and analyze bids; prepare and award contracts; and analyze and approve change orders. Deborah can coordinate communications with the client and obtain the client’s final project approval. Set-up and attendance at Pre-application Meetings Coordination of a Development/Entitlement Team Processing Entitlements after Submittal.

Clerks of the Works

Highly qualified non-commissioned tradesmen. The qualification can be held in three specializations: Electrical, Mechanical and Construction. The clerk of works is employed by the client on a construction site. The role is primarily to represent the interests of the client in regard to ensuring the quality of both materials and workmanship are in accordance with the design information such as specification and engineering drawings, in addition to recognized quality standards.

Development Consulting

When it comes to our development consulting services, we believe establishing and executing a strategic implementation plan for each project further reinforces the short and long-term viability of each community or facility. Incorporating planning and implementation strategies related to development engineering, project management, entitlement processing and approval will ensure that economic, environmental and social objectives are achieved with each phase of the project.

Resource Management
Resource management is the efficient and effective deployment and allocation of an organization’s resources when and where they are needed. Such resources may include financial resources, inventory, human skills, production resources, or information technology. Resource management includes planning, allocating and scheduling of resources to tasks, which typically include manpower, machines, money and materials. Resource management has an impact on schedules and budgets as well as resource leveling and smoothing.